Fenton fire district bond issue fails

The Fenton Fire Protection District’s Proposition F bond issue failed to gain enough votes to pass last week.

The majority of district voters approved the measure for facilities upgrades, but bond issues need a 57-percent majority to pass.

The measure gained 1,620 “yes” votes, or 50.19 percent, and 1,608 “no” votes, or 49.81 percent.

The bond issue came out of a study that found that the district’s fire stations were in “desperate need of replacement and/or renovations,” according to a letter from Chief Tom Steitz sent before the election and before a March town-hall meeting.

The money from Proposition F would have replaced outdated equipment, renovate two firehouses and replaced the two oldest firehouses.

Voters approved a 39-cent tax-rate increase last year with Proposition E. This year’s Proposition F would have been an 18.5-cent tax-rate increase.