Fenton duo win $55,677 during weekly lunch date


Two longtime Missouri Lottery Club Keno players won a $55,677 prize after their 8-spot ticket matched eight of the 10 numbers drawn, plus the Bulls-Eye number, during a weekly lunch date.

“We go to lunch every Wednesday. We have been for 18 years,” one of the winners said. “We play the same eight numbers every week. We always play one Bulls-Eye.”

When asked what plans they had for the winnings, they shared that they wanted to take a trip somewhere warm this winter.

The winning ticket was sold at Grand Slam Sports Bar, 519 Mae Court, in Fenton.

Club Keno is a fast-paced Draw Game with 20 numbers drawn every four minutes, in which players choose how many numbers or “spots” they want to play. The game is available at restaurants, bars and fraternal organizations, and it can also be played at convenience stores, grocery stores and similar Missouri Lottery retail locations.

In the last fiscal year, players who purchased tickets in Jefferson County won more than $38.9 million in total Missouri Lottery prizes. Lottery retailers in the county received more than $3.9 million in commissions and bonuses, and education programs in the county received more than $13.5 million in appropriated Lottery proceeds.

To see how these funds were distributed, visit MOLottery.com.