Crestwood Fire earns ISO Class 2 rating


The Crestwood Fire Department is now ranked among the top 2 percent of all fire service organizations across the country after the Insurance Services Office notified the city that it was upgrading the city’s ISO rating to Class 2.

Then-Crestwood Fire Chief Dave Oliveri said in a press release, “A community’s class rating is dependent on many factors. Those the fire department can control including the training, staffing levels, dispatch capabilities and other operational considerations of the fire department.”

The city was previously rated as a Class 4 on a 10-point scale, with Class 1 being the best rating.

Almost 50,000 fire departments are surveyed by the ISO, with fewer than 1,200 rated Class 2 or higher. It evaluates information from communities across the U.S., looking at their structure fire suppression capabilities.

Insurance companies use the collected information for marketing and underwriting, as well as establishing premiums for homeowners and businesses, so residents could save on insurance.

“We’re thrilled that our high-quality fire services could translate into savings for our residents and businesses,” said City Administrator Kris Simpson, adding, “Honestly it’s really flattering. It’s the result of the hard work of our fire chief and Fire Department.”

The city could appeal in six months and be re-audited to receive a Class 1 rating.