Concord Elementary named State School of Character


Concord Elementary celebrated the first day back for Lindbergh Schools Aug. 15, 2019, with the Bubble Bus.

Concord Elementary School is one of 14 Missouri Schools and 81 schools nationwide to receive the 2020 State School of Character Award from, a nonprofit organization that validates character initiatives in schools and communities around the world.

“Concord’s mission is empowering innovative learners who lead with kindness. We encourage our students to grow through leadership and innovation,” said Principal Angelina Moehlmann. “Our staff and volunteers continually go above and beyond to make Concord Elementary School a great place to learn and grow.”

Concord’s focus on character education includes student well-being with the CALM room, student-led initiatives, experience-based learning and a strong community with dedicated volunteers. The school focuses on engaging all children with learning experiences that spark collaboration, encourage communication, enhance creativity and develop critical thinking skills. In addition, Concord’s staff works hard to make sure all students feel like they belong in the Concord family.

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