Author praises Wagner for Grant Bicentennial Act

Letters to the Editor


To the editor: 

I applaud Rep. Ann Wagner and Sen. Roy Blunt’s recent announcement of the Grant Bicentennial Act at the Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site. This act honors perhaps the most significant defender and unifier of our nation during its most divided time. As we face more divisions among our citizens, it is vital to study and celebrate Grant’s efforts as we again strive to create unity in our country.

The impact of this promotion for Grant isn’t just for our country, but also our local communities.

Rep. Wagner is, and has been, a consistently strong and vocal supporter of our troops, near and far, including our veterans. While this act honors Grant’s legacy, it also honors and commemorates the service and sacrifice of all who serve, providing reflection on the cost of war, while renewing our appreciation for all in uniform. Finally, there isn’t a better way to celebrate our fellow South Countian on his 200th birthday than by making him general of the U.S. Armies – his legacy is inextricably tied to St. Louis, and while we honor him through White Haven, Grant’s Farm, and Jefferson Barracks, Rep. Wagner’s bipartisan legislation ensures his legacy will endure, and the man who saved the Union will be known as nothing less.

Katy A. Forand
Sunset Hills

Editor’s note: Forand is the author of “The Town of Grantwood Village: The Story of a Historic City, and the founder of Save Grant’s Farm.