A look back: Sperreng Middle students take on branding clients


Sperreng Middle School student Daishana Finley of Amber Hardin’s Digital Literacy class shows client Sam Schaeffer of Samtastic Gymnastics her design idea for a new business card.

Editor’s note: During the COVID-19 pandemic while most activities have been on hold, we’re taking a look back at past news. 

Eighth-grade students at Sperreng Middle School sharpened their skills and went to work for a real local business client during a 2019 project in their Digital Literacy Class. The students partnered with Sam Schaeffer, owner of Samtastic Gymnastics, for their “Design for a Client” project. During this project, four teams worked together to create websites, logos, business cards and T-shirts for their client presentations.

“Our Sperreng students continue to impress us with their skills with communication, creativity, and collaboration,” said Sperreng Principal Lauren Boeger in a news release. “Students were able to engage in the digital design process and understand the steps involved in a large-scale project for a real client.”

Samtastic Gymnastics will review the student presentations and implement a new website, logo and business card design based on student work.

Sperreng Middle School students Jase Dowell and Jase Decota showed their logo and T-shirt design to Sam Schaeffer, owner of Samtastic Gymnastics, as part of their client project.
Sperreng Middle School students Brianna Kaiser and Ava Bocklage presented their website design to Samtastic Gymnastics on Dec. 13 as part of their group’s ‘Design for a Client’ project.