‘We can make better choices’ other than abortion, this reader argues

Letters to the Editor


To the editor:

Michael Nolan’s general accusatory remarks in a letter saying “some people think a group of cells is more important than the woman” and just “don’t want to support abortion because they enjoy harshly judging the poor and needy,” don’t take into account the facts — first, that fetal research identifies and confirms that human life begins at conception.

Secondly, tax dollars have been supporting abortion not only for the poor but for the rich woman, unmarried or married, at any stage of pregnancy, often putting self-centered convenience as more important than the life of a child.

Whether conceived by choice or otherwise, each human life at conception is coded by their unique DNA as a “promise,” a “possibility,” a “bundle of potentiality,” as in the song my daughter learned in Sunday school as a child.

Abortion not only ends a life, it enables a behavior that demeans and is detrimental to the woman in body, mind and spirit and to society in general. We can make better choices.

Margaret J. Phelps