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Townhomes in Fenton recommended for approval by Planning Commission

A rendering of the proposed townhomes at 1719/1725 Smizer Station Road.

The St. Louis County Planning Commission voted to recommend approval of a new multifamily complex in unincorporated Fenton at its executive session this month.

The commission voted 6-2 at its March 6 executive meeting to recommend approval of a plan for multifamily townhomes at 1719 and 1725 Smizer Station Road, 63026, calling for 19 2-story residences with 44 parking spaces. The petition is in the Rockwood School District and 3rd County Council District of Councilman Dennis Hancock.

According to petitioner Azur Meskovic, the target group of renters for the units would be young professionals and would rent for $2250 to $2500 per unit.

The commission held a public hearing on the petition Feb. 13, where members of the public expressed concerns about stormwater runoff from the development onto neighboring property, lighting, parking and pedestrian safety.

According to the developer, the existing swale drain on the proposed lot has the capacity for a 100-year, 20-minute rain event without flooding onto adjoining property. 

To address the safety concerns brought up at the public hearing, the developer agreed to construct a new 6-foot wide sidewalk to connect the development with neighboring residences and commercial districts, as well as the installation of pedestrian crossing signage with a striped crosswalk.

The development satisfies county parking requirements at 44 spaces, eight of which are garages for some of the units. The remaining 36 spaces will be shared between residents and visitors.

“This standard is applied to all multifamily developments in unincorporated … that is the standard in our zoning ordinance,” Planning Department Director Jacob Trimble said.

As for lighting, the developer stated that all lighting will be wall mounted and there will be no light poles.

Planning department staff recommended the request since it was compatible with the surrounding zoning along Smizer Station and since it was developed to cater to young professionals. The county’s “Imagining Tomorrow” strategic plan emphasizes the importance of different housing choices in the county to retain young professionals.

The panel recommended approval 6-2.

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