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‘Where is the outrage?’ on Loop Trolley, Concord resident questions

Letters to the editor

March 5, 2020

Letters to the Editor To the editor: I am so disgusted with the Bi-State Development Agency and the people that support taking over the Loop Trolley. The entire agency is mismanaged, dirty, unsafe and a burden on the St. Louis region. I would rather walk 10 miles than subject myself to that nast...

Letter writer offers his predictions for 2020, with a Trump re-election

Letters to the editor

January 21, 2020

Letters to the Editor To the editor: As a consultant, I’ve been making predictions 15 years with 90-percent accuracy. I want to take the worry out of the new year, calm fears and put people at ease. Be anxious for nothing. So here are my predictions for the new year 2020 — enjoy. 1. President...

Join the ‘smart and rich’ and vote against every type of tax increase

Letters to the editor

October 22, 2019

Letters to the Editor To the editor: Why vote yourself a tax increase? I occasionally get together with friends and we discuss many issues. Some are enjoyable while others are troubling. We live in St. Louis and are well educated. We are mostly white-collar Yale, Harvard, Princeton and Washingto...

Petition should be published against reassessments every two years

Letters to the editor

August 27, 2019

Letter to the Editor  To the editor: County Government = Tax and Spend. When are residents going to reject political officials and their policies? Taxpaying citizens must realize that politicians will separate you from your money. The largest money grab just occurred when county Assessor Jake Zi...

‘Status quo is the way to go,’ not ‘Better Together,’ a reader corrects

Letters to the editor

April 18, 2019

Letter to the Editor  To the editor: I predicted that if the voters elected Steve Stenger as county executive, his first order of business would be to shove the city-county merger down the throats of the citizens. When will the citizens of the county realize that liberal Democrats (Stenger, Mayor Lyda ...

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