Join the ‘smart and rich’ and vote against every type of tax increase


Letters to the Editor

To the editor:

Why vote yourself a tax increase?

I occasionally get together with friends and we discuss many issues. Some are enjoyable while others are troubling.

We live in St. Louis and are well educated. We are mostly white-collar Yale, Harvard, Princeton and Washington University graduates. We are conservative and reject the irredeemable “deplorable” label. What’s wrong with less government and paying as little taxes as possible? That’s why we hire accountants.

We couldn’t understand why citizens consistently voted for propositions, amendments, addendums and sales tax increases? Why in their right mind vote to pay more taxes?

Why give more to the government to spend? We spend our money more effectively and are against paying more taxes. As a group we concluded that most voters are not intelligent and are unaware that once a tax is implemented or assessed it never goes away. People are stupid and fail to realize the consequences of their actions.

When St. Louis County is needing money for some pet project or to give themselves a raise, just vote no. If you vote yes for more taxes, realize that as a group we will find a way to avoid the tax.

We’re smart and rich, so won’t you join us?

Joe Spezia Sr.