‘Status quo is the way to go,’ not ‘Better Together,’ a reader corrects


Letter to the Editor 

To the editor:

I predicted that if the voters elected Steve Stenger as county executive, his first order of business would be to shove the city-county merger down the throats of the citizens.

When will the citizens of the county realize that liberal Democrats (Stenger, Mayor Lyda Krewson) and others are all about big, bloated government. The county-city merger will consolidate and give even more political power to the top liberal leaders.

Radical leftist lawyers and politicians will bombard, indoctrinate and lie about how great the merger will be to the citizens of St. Louis County and city, but please don’t believe them. They will slowly implement their plan in stages until the evil deed is done. First they will merge police departments, then government services.

I am officially changing “Better Together” to “Status Quo Is The Way To Go” or “Keep It The Way We Have It Today.”

Why would St. Louis County join a city that has high crime, high taxes, unsafe MetroLink, a weak criminal prosecutor, low tax base, inadequate services and a population that has shrunk from 1 million to 300,000? It’s a dying city with liberal leaders.

They want this so bad that they are spending upwards of $25 million to get it passed.

When Stenger ran for county executive, he was against the merger. He lied and deceived us all.

Stenger would become a power hungry metro-mayor until 2025 under the original plan. No one voted for King Stenger.

Let us reject academia educating voters that a city-county merger will cure all our racial problems. It’s a real stretch to claim that merging with the city will forge a path toward racial equality.

I won’t be made to feel guilty. I implore the citizens of St. Louis County to “resist and reject” this merger.

This is a crock of mendacity. Don’t sign any petition.

Remember the slogan:

“Status quo is the way to go” or “Keep it the way we have it today.”

Joe Spezia Sr.