Petition should be published against reassessments every two years


Letter to the Editor 

To the editor: County Government = Tax and Spend. When are residents going to reject political officials and their policies? Taxpaying citizens must realize that politicians will separate you from your money.

The largest money grab just occurred when county Assessor Jake Zimmerman raised property reassessments. Retirees and those on fixed incomes may have to sell their homes to pay the increased taxes.

We have no voice in freezing taxes because by Missouri law properties are reassessed every two years. This is robbery without using a gun. The county raises individual taxes but then gives corporations like Centene tax abatements.

You pay for these giveaways in higher taxes. Are you getting mad yet, or are all county taxpayers just a bunch of zombies?

Do you think the county would ever lower assessments?

We need to repeal the law which would slow tax increases. The Call could publish a petition for residents to sign. It would say you “want the Missouri law that requires tax reassessments every two years to be rescinded, effective immediately.”

Remember, in two years property reassessments will happen again. Is anybody listening? If the law doesn’t get repealed, then every taxpayer should appeal their taxes.

I would take great satisfaction knowing that the county would have to hear 800,000 appeals.

Joe Spezia Sr.