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Some Concord students wonder if Santa ever gets stuck in the chimney


Originally Published: 12/20/2016

Concord Elementary School first- and second-graders in Lindbergh Schools tell Santa Claus what they want for Christmas.

Dear Santa:

Thank you for all of your hard work. I bet all the kids in the world like all your toys — even me. Thank you.

I would love for you to give me all of the “Sisters” books. I love reading them. It’s like I’m there.

Love, your friend, Rose

Dear Santa:

How are you? How do you get your toys to children? Do you ever get stuck in the chimney?

You take such good care of your pets.

How is Rudolph doing? Do you hang candy canes on your sleigh? Your suit looks soft.

Well, I enjoyed writing to you. Hope you have a great Christmas.

Love, Trinity

Dear Santa:

I think your beard is cool. Do you ever get stuck in a chimney? How is Rudolph?

Your suit looks soft. I love you. Can I please have a drone and new shoes and new socks?

Love, Bennett

Dear Santa:

How do you travel, Santa? Do you have a hoverboard or do you walk? Also, do you ever get stuck in the chimney, Santa? Can you please answer these questions?

And I also want an Elena of Avalar doll and a cute kitty. Please, Santa. Oh, and also I like your suit.

Love, Nirmala

Dear Santa:

How are you? Am I on the good list? I gave away all my old toys that I do not use.

Do you see me right now?

My class is going to have a Christmas party at my school. You can come to it if you want. Merry Christmas.

Love, Davis

Dear Santa:

I like you, Santa. Thank you for delivering everybody presents. Do you have a reindeer who is called Polly?

I like your suit. Where did you get your suit? I hope you have a great Christmas.

How do you deliver all those presents in one night?

Love, May

Dear Santa:

How are you? How is Rudolph? Are you OK, Santa?

I like your suit. Who washes your big fluffy suit? Are you wearing pajamas?

Love, Chase

Dear Santa:

You are kind. I want to be your elf because you are so kind. I like your fluffy suit. It is handsome.

Do you have a dog? I am doing math in first grade.

Love, Marin

Dear Santa:

How is it going at the North Pole? Thank you for the American Girl doll last year.

It’s so fun. But American Girl dolls are off my list this year.

But I want a laptop this year. Thank you for all the gifts you gave me. You are the best.

I might have been a little mean. Have a great Christmas.

Your friend, Lilyana

Dear Santa:

How are you doing? What do you eat? I love you, so I hope you have a good Christmas.

You are so nice. If I could see you, I would give you a big hug. When were you born?

Love, Charlie

Dear Santa:

Why do we have Christmas? How long does it take to come to my house? Are you almost done wrapping presents?

What are you going to get for me and Avery? Do you ever get stuck in the chimney? How are the reindeer?

Love, Lilly

Dear Santa:

I loved the stuffed unicorn and big stuffed puppy that you got me last year.

I hope you are having a great year. I will leave carrots for the reindeer and I will leave cookies by the tree.

Your friend, Kaylin

Dear Santa:

How are you doing? Christmas is here. I want an electric violin because then I can play “Carol of the Bells.” I want the color to be blue.

I need a longer blanket because my feet stick out the back. You are the best because you get the greatest presents.

From Sarah

Dear Santa:

How are you doing? Thank you for the presents. I love you so much.

You suit looks soft. How is Rudolph?

Love, Lewie

Dear Santa:

How are you? I hope you’re doing well. I really enjoy the fuzzy backpack you gave me last year.

I just really want this — all the “Warriors” cat books because it’s my dream.

Everything else can be a surprise.

I will put Christmas cookies near the tree and leave some milk for you, oh, and if you want more milk, it’s in the fridge. We may have extra cookies. I hope you enjoy this Christmas. You are also very nice to give gifts to kids.

My sister wants surprises since she doesn’t know for sure what she wants. But she likes makeup and nail polish. Can you also give my mom something this year?

Love, Stella

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