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Bearded dragon tops the wish list that Trautwein students send to Santa


The classes of Jeni Granda and Camie Hardin send these letters to Santa


Dear Santa: Okay here’s the deal Santa, Lemon and I have been watching the house, and me. Anyway I know I’ve already sent 1 letter but this is class assigned so I’ve gotta. Plus, Lemon told me I was very good and this is actually good because I still have stuff I want. Here we go: bike, slime, squishys, how to draw cursive, cat toy, bean bag chair, new cat cuddle box, color box, color supplies, new place to put books. Bye, your best friend, Isla

Dear Santa: I want an O.M.G. doll because I have been getting 3’s at school. Please get me an O.M.G. L.O.L doll. You can get it at JCPenney. Next thing I want is a My Life doll because I told my mom and grandma to, but I feel like they are not going to get me it please. You can get it at Walmart. My next thing I want is an iPhone 11 Pro. The last thing is a thirty pet. Thank you for reading this all. Olivia

Dear Santa: I have been a very good kid this year, so I was hoping I could get to have a unicorn. Love, Bella

Dear Santa: I have been very good this year. I get every math fact except for one of the math facts. What I wish for is a drum set. P.S. I also need money to pay off the drum set. Love, Emily

Dear Santa: For Christmas I want a bearded dragon, a Harry Potter wand and roller blades, a crystal and to do fun stuff.  Josiah

Dear Santa: I am so excited to talk to you for Christmas. Could you get me some hats to put on Blue my bearded dragon and a couple surprises. And could you get our class a pet bearded dragon and supplies for it? Maybe more cool things, pretty please with a cherry on top. Like a better playground for our school and nice things for our classes. And a trampoline for my house and a Nerf gun. Love, Maria

Dear Santa: How are you? I have been really good this year. So I think you will be happy. I want Pokemon, IPS, L.O.L.s, Elf on the Shelf and a cute goldfish. Love, Mia

Dear Santa: I can’t wait for Christmas! Christmas is my favorite holiday. For Christmas I want a Barbie airplane, magic kit, robotic car for kids, a puppy, an Ariel costume, a notebook and pen and a baby carrier for a doll. I have been a good kid this year, so I think you should get me the things I listed up there. Bye. Love, the funniest kid, Corry P.S. I’m the best kid ever. P.S.S. I make the best treats for you and the reindeer!

Dear Santa: Thank you for having time to read this letter. I was very good this year. I helped my dad do the dishes, I put away my laundry, and I helped my dad with our carport. I think I deserve presents. I want Minecraft for the Nintendo Switch and a Lego Avengers Endgame set. From, William

Dear Santa: I have been really good this year. I would like a foosball table, a tennis ball, and a basketball ball hoop and a basketball. From, Wesley

Dear Santa: I would like Overwatch, Splatoon, Mario Maker 2, iPad, Battle Bus toy, Dog Man Fetch 22, Double Helix code, ClayClaim Storm King kit, a puppy and save the world, Skull Trooper jacket. Thank you Santa. Ollie

Dear Santa: Hi Santa Claus. I have been helping my family, and I love you Santa Claus. I am thankful for everything you did for me. Love, Connor

Dear Santa: I was a good boy. I wish for some earpods. From, Lucas

Dear Santa: You are the best Santa ever. I know you don’t love the Grinch. Can I have a computer please and a chair, and one more thing a desk. Do you love the Grinch at the end, Santa? Santa, I’ve been very good this year. I’ve been very good in school. Love, Dominic

Dear Santa: I want a PS5 and a day off. Noah

Dear Santa: I love Christmas so much. I like it more than my birthday. I want a watch, typewriter, bearded dragon. Liam

Dear Santa: I’ve been good today. I help mom and dad so maybe I can have a bearded dragon and a Merry Christmas. From, Nichole

Dear Santa: I have tried to be good but sometimes it’s hard to be good. I clean my garage and car. I’ve been good in school and my teachers. Please bring me a Hydro Flask. Amina

Dear Santa: I have helped my parents around the house. I have fed my pets. I help do the dishes. I help do the laundry. I help clean my house. I give my dogs fresh water. I help clean my room. I would like a hoverboard. From, Tristan

Dear Santa: I’ve been good and bad this year. I help my parents. I’m nice to my teacher. My mom needs a makeup box. I want an Xbox. From, Dominic

Dear Santa: I have been very good this year. And I really want a bearded dragon because they are so cute. Love, Payton

Dear Santa: I have tried to be good but sometimes it’s hard to be good. I have cleaned my house and the car. I tried to be good in school and my teachers. Please bring me a Hydro Flask. From, Kieka

Dear Santa: I want a dirt bike for Christmas. I’ve read 100 books. Thank you. Lila

Dear Santa: How has your day been doing? Mine is good. Can I have V-bucks on Fortnite please.  I want the next battle pass for next season please. Anthony

Dear Santa: Hi, I’m Bella. How are you doing in the North Pole? What I want for Christmas is a photo taking robot on wheels, a camera, bunk beds and Lion King toy set and a bearded dragon.  Also, Merry Christmas! Love, Bella

Dear Santa: I have been extra good this year. I want some slime and a Shrek puppet. Riley

Dear Santa: I have been really good this year Santa! I love art kits and spy kits. They’re really cool. I love it when you come to my house. I love this year because of family and I do my best and I love school and I love reading. I hope you have a good year. From, Savannah

Dear Santa: I am a good kid and I was so nice to my mom, dad, brother, sister and everyone else I know. I do my best in school every day. Please, I need a phone. My teacher is happy with me. I do my best in reading, writing, math and science. My friends are happy in me. From, Jessica

Dear Santa: I want Pokeman cards. I have been working hard at school and home. I have been good every year so I hope I get some Pokeman. Thank you for getting me Pokeman. From, Levi

Dear Santa: I want playmobil please. Santa Claus you’re the best. I hope I’m on the nice list. My goal is to write good. I hope I’m good. From, Hana

Dear Santa: I really want a fun toy. I have been a good boy. Please Santa. You’re the best. Have I been a good boy? Logan

Dear Santa: I hope that you will like the cookies I’ll give you! I want to tell you what I want for Christmas. I want an iPhone and more LOLs and more sand and squishies and a bling cat stuffed animal and a bike and a neckless and more playdoh and stickers and a new pair of shoes and I need help trying new food. Emma

Dear Santa: Can I please get an Xbox One X. And a willa doll. A Nintendo Switch, Pokeman cards, Lego Friends, Obeyz and twisty pets. Thank you. Khloe

Dear Santa: I want bear zip up pajamas because I am good. And I want to be a better soccer player next year. And I want an iPhone 11 Pro Max. Thank you Santa. Justin

Dear Santa: Can I please have an O.M.G. doll and a membership for animal jam please. Oh and can I also have gray soccer socks please! I deserve those things because I helped my mom and my dad with helping outside and with Christmas stuff. Keely

Dear Santa: I want a Nintendo Switch because I have been very very good this year so please get me this toy for Christmas. Annslee

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