Incorporation of Green Park to be considered again by county

Incorporation of Green Park to be considered again by county

This is a “blast from South County’s past” from the past 30 years of The Call’s archives. Originally published on: Thursday, Jan. 12, 1995. Stay tuned throughout the year for more glimpses into the area’s history.

By Andrea Leak
News Editor

Originally published on Jan. 12, 1995

The St. Louis County Council announced last week that it will consider the incorporation of Green Park again on Jan. 19.

The hearing, a continuation of a December hearing, will take place in the County Council Chambers in Clayton. The time has not yet been announced.

Councilman Deborah Kersting, D-Oakville, said she will introduce legislation this week to put the incorporation on a ballot.

“I think we aught to make sure the bill is introduced and perfected by the Jan. 19 and hold it on perfection,” Chairman Jerry Corcoran said.

This would allow the bill to be passed by Feb. 2, the deadline to place an issue on the April 4 ballot.

The county Planning Department released its report on the Green Park incorporation last week. This report is what made the second hearing necessary because it was not finished in time for the first hearing.

Although the report presents several contingencies that might cause the city to lower services or raise taxes, the final report is that Green Park would be able to provide normal municipal services.

“It appears that the proposed city of green Park can provide an adequate level of services if an only if they choose to contract, now and in the gute, with the St. Louis County Police or some other service provider at the projected cost,” according to the report.

Green park Chairman Fred Hoehn told the Call that some of the information in the report is misleading, but said he had not had time to analyse all the data contained in the report. He said the city’s revenue actually will be more than the committee reported and said the city would have no problem providing services for residents.