Sam Page should volunteer medical skills for reproductive health


To the editor:

I received an email from the Sam Page for County Executive campaign Aug. 24. The email announced the county’s inclusion in “The Right Time” initiative and reaffirmed Dr. Page’s support of “reproductive rights including abortion” and his endorsements by pro-abortion groups in St. Louis and Missouri. 

It occurred to me that Dr. Page could volunteer his services and perform abortions. He is a champion of abortion; he is a medical doctor; and according to many news sources, there is a shortage of doctors willing to perform abortions. If he volunteers his services, he should not have a conflict with his employment as St. Louis County Executive (and we know he wishes to avoid that). 

I wonder when we might expect Dr. Page to put his money where his mouth is and offer his professional medical services to reproductive healthcare.

Jacqueline Bettale