Vote on Kassebaum QuikTrip held at petitioner’s request

Commission will review the plan again at its next meeting


The historic Session or Kassebaum building, as seen on Google Maps, would be demolished under a proposal for a new QuikTrip at Lemay Ferry and Butler Hill roads.

By Erin Achenbach, News Editor

A vote by the St. Louis County Planning Commission on a proposed QuikTrip on Lemay Ferry Road at the site of the former Kassebaum Building was held at the commission and petitioner’s request April 11. 

QuikTrip is requesting a change in zoning from R-2 residential and C-2 commercial to just C-2 with a conditional use permit to build a convenience store at 5039 Lemay Ferry Road, at the intersection with Butler Hill Road. The building currently at the property is the historic Kassebaum Building, also known as the Session Furniture building. Session operated out the building for several years but moved to a different location in the early 200s, using the building for storage until 2015. Since then, the building has been vacant.

A previous public hearing was held on the petition March 14 by the Planning Commission. 

County Planner Paul Weatherford told the commission that staff was recommending approval of a change in zoning from R-2 to C-8, in lieu of the requested C-2, while also recommending denial of the conditional use permit. 

Weatherford said that C-8 zoning designation gives the county more control over developments, and encompasses different types of developments that may not fit in other zoning designations. 

Staff also is recommending requiring a commemorative architectural feature from the Kassebaum Building, as well providing two electric vehicle charging spots, enhanced landscaping and equal pedestrian access from both rights of way. 

QuikTrip had requested that the panel postpone its decision on the proposal until a future meeting. Commissioner Bill Sneed said that he did not feel comfortable voting on any aspect of the petition when the petitioner had previously requested postponement. 

“In the past, we have always supported the petitioner the opportunity to delay something that they’re proposing. In this case, I don’t know why they’re asking for it but we won’t know until they do and I’d rather that come back to the commission,” Sneed said. “I see no reason to pass or not pass this petition at this time without that information.”