Oakville man charged with manslaughter in fatal crash linked to street racing


An Oakville man has been charged with involuntary manslaughter for his alleged role in a fatal car crash linked to street racing on Reavis Barracks Road.

Adam Michaud, 20, of the 6400 block of Brookfield Court in Oakville, was charged by St. Louis County prosecutors Wednesday with one count of first-degree involuntary manslaughter and two counts of second-degree assault. He is being held on $150,000 bond.

Police say that Michaud — who was 19 at the time — was racing other cars and weaving in and out of traffic when he hit a car that crossed into oncoming traffic and T-boned a car driven by Jose Solis-Luna, 43, who died soon afterward of his injuries.

Two witnesses say they saw four cars ahead of them at the stop sign at 4014 Reavis Barracks Road. When the light turned green, the two front cars did burnouts and the two cars behind them sped off in a street race.

The racing cars weaved in and out of slower cars. Police said that Michaud struck a curb as he tried to pass a slower white Pontiac and hit the Pontiac, which then went into oncoming traffic.

The Pontiac struck a Toyota Echo, killing the driver, Solis-Luna. The two women in the Pontiac were seriously injured.