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Mehlville Summer Session goes virtual, extends into July


The Mehlville School District’s summer school will go virtual this year and extend through July.

Social distancing requirements related to the spread of the novel coronavirus have prompted the school district to change its Summer Session programming. To ensure the safety of students and staff while offering flexibility for students, Mehlville Summer Session will be virtual for students currently in kindergarten through 11th grade. 

Mehlville Summer Session continues to be offered for free. Anyone who lives in the district can attend, even if they typically attend private school. 

Students can choose to participate in Summer Session programs in either June or July or both. The June session will run June 1-26, and the July session will be conducted July 6-31. Originally, summer school was only slated to be held June 1-26. 

Registration is now open for Mehlville School District’s virtual Summer Session. For links to elementary, middle school and high-school registration, see below.

Visit the Summer Session website for more information about the summer programs and to register a new student. If you have already registered your child, check your email for information on how you can confirm your registration and select program sessions.

Each program will be about two hours long. Students in elementary and middle school can choose to complete coursework in the morning or in the afternoon. High-school students can recover up to two credits or receive up to two credits in electives. 

“It’s important for our students and for our families to have opportunities to learn,” said Brian Smith, assistant superintendent for teaching and learning, in a news release. “While this year’s summer school may not look like it has in previous years due to the pandemic, we remain committed to providing our students with multiple opportunities to participate in enrichment activities and skills review. Staying connected, even if physically separated, allows our students the chance to see friends, interact with teachers and continue learning.” 

Elementary Summer Session

Summer Session for elementary school students will be “packed with opportunities for exploration, discovery and achievement,” the district said on its website.

Each day students will start their instruction with a Google Meet videoconference with their teacher and class. They will have another Meet at the end of the session to check in. Teachers will provide direct instruction through Google Meet that focuses on skill building in English Language Arts, math and enrichment.

Students will also be expected to complete some daily tasks offline before checking back in to report on their accomplishments.

Physical education teachers will provide suggestions for ways to keep busy and to get physical each day.

Parents can enroll their children (entering grades 1-5) in a morning session from 9 to 11 a.m. or an afternoon session from 1 to 3 p.m. 

Register now.

Middle School Summer Session

Summer Session for middle school students provides instruction in core classes including math and English Language Arts.

Students will also be enrolled in two elective classes based on their preferences. Electives include Personal Wellness and Physical Education, World Culture With Food Studies Emphasis, Arts and Graphic Design, Ecology and Biodiversity, World Culture With Foreign Language Emphasis, Weather and Astronomy, Power to Change and Engineering Design.

Parents can enroll their children (entering grades 6-8) in a morning session from 9 to 11:15 a.m. or an afternoon session from 12 to 2:15 p.m. 

Register now.

High-School Summer Session
High-school students can take elective courses or recover credits in core subjects during Summer Session. High-school students can take up to four classes (two in June and two in July) for a total of two credits. Students may only take a half credit (one class) of physical education online.

Students may enroll in two classes initially. Pending successful completion of a course, high-school students can add one additional class at a time.

Register now.  |  View high school courses.

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