Lindbergh graduates first biomedical class


Graduates with their whitecoats

Lindbergh High School celebrated its very first class of 24 graduating seniors to complete a four-year Biomedical Science Program on May 17. They were honored at the school’s first-ever Whitecoat Ceremony for graduation from this prestigious Project Lead the Way program.

The PLTW Biomedical Science Program, which was established in 2017, allows high school students to take on real-world challenges such as discovering new cancer treatments or teaching healthy lifestyle choices to communities. Students use the same tools available in hospitals and labs to engage in exciting hands-on activities as they work together to find solutions to problems. They use software to monitor body functions such as muscle movement and respiration, and explore how to evaluate the code in human DNA, among other real-world learning experiences. During the final year, students have the opportunity to work on an independent project with a mentor or adviser from a university, medical facility or research institution.

“From the moment these students walked into my classroom, I could tell how fully committed they were to learning about the subjects of biomedical science and how truly excited they were to be in class each and every day,” said PLTW Biomedical Sciences Teacher Andrew Edwards. “These whitecoats they have earned are a symbol of their hard work, commitment and accomplishments over the past four years.”

Students who complete the Biomedical Science Program are eligible to earn up to 12 college credits from the Missouri University of Science and Technology. Courses include human body systems, medical interventions and biomedical innovation.