Lindbergh golf program attracts top talent

Flyers golf coach optimistic about girls’ chances in 2016

Lindbergh High head coach Mike Tyler says his girls golf team is easily one of the largest in the area in terms of numbers. Bill Milligan photo

Lindbergh High head coach Mike Tyler says his girls’ golf team is easily one of the largest in the area in terms of numbers. Bill Milligan photo

By Robert Chalupny

Having a golf program with one of the top interest levels from its student body advantageously provides a large pool of talent from which to choose.

This is a luxury that the Lindbergh High School girls’ golf program seems to enjoy year after year.

“We are probably the biggest team, in terms of numbers, in the area easily. We have, I think, 24 or 25 players, so we are one of the bigger squads,” Lindbergh head coach Mike Tyler told the Call.

That probably is one reason Tyler doesn’t mind having to rebuild his team and is optimistic about the 2016 season.

“It’s exciting because we have a pretty young group, for the most part, for the core group of our varsity team,” he said. “We do have some seniors and some returning players who got further along in the season — through districts and then played in sectionals.

“But also with that, we do have some young players that missed going to sectionals last year by a stroke or two, and we have a couple of young players that actually have some background in golf. So they are not starting at square one.”

That provides an advantage, according to Tyler, “Because if they are already familiar with the game, they are able to improve quicker, we can start our instruction a little further down the line and maybe give them a chance for a real run at state.”

The players who most likely will appear in the top six are: Emily Schaper, Anna Musich, Allison Shakiba, Anna Nickel, Mirinda Wildhaber and Rebecca Treis.

But with such a large group of golfers to choose from, other golfers are constantly challenging each other for the top spots so changes are likely. Despite the level of talent last season, the team went 2-8 on the year and while Tyler said, “no excuses,” there were some external factors.

“Our conference was very strong with several conference teams making it to state and heavily represented there,” Tyler said. “Illness also played a role, with key players unable to compete.”