KSDK terminates Tower Tee lease


Aerial of Tower Tee

Tower Tee property owner KSDK announced on its website Thursday that it is terminating the golf course’s lease in early January to sell the site.

The property is under contract to McBride Berra, a collaboration of developers McBride & Son and Oakville-based J.H. Berra that proposed a 158-home subdivision on the 27-acre Tower Tee land. A public hearing on the plan and the company’s requested rezoning from commercial to residential slated for Monday was canceled earlier this week so the developer could “reset” the plan, its representative Ed Griesedieck told the Call.

The beloved south county institution Tower Tee has leased the property since the 1960s.

In its statement, television station KSDK and parent company Tegna stated that the company’s General Manager Alicia Elsner met with Tower Tee owners to let them know that the station would not renew the golf course’s lease. The lease had gone month to month in October and could be terminated with two months’ notice, KSDK said.

In a post on the Tower Tee Facebook page, Tower Tee owner Steve Lotz called the talks a “fluid situation” that could change.

“We are in touch with Tegna execs and may see a good deal of fluidity in the situation,” Lotz said. “We are moving forward with plans to continue to serve our local customers.”

Now that the McBride Berra plan has been delayed at least a month, if the plan is placed on the December zoning docket for the county Planning Commission, the earliest the site could gain full County Council approval to be rezoned would likely be February.

McBride Berra’s contract is contingent on county zoning approval.

Money from the Tower Tee sale would go to the nonprofit arm of Tegna, the Tegna Foundation, which could benefit local nonprofit organizations, the television station said in its announcement.