Hagemann, Point elementary students tell Santa what they want this year



Originally Published: 12/20/2016

Hagemann Elementary School students in the Mehlville School District tell Santa Claus what they want for Christmas.

Dear Santa:

I would rather have a Nintendo 3DS with Super Mario Maker than a doll house. I have three reasons: Doll houses are girly and I am not a girl. My second reason is I like video games. My third reason is I do not have any dolls to live in the doll house.

What use is a house with nobody to live in it? I have no idea.

Sincerely, Elliott

Dear Santa:

Are you feeling good to give presents on Christmas? If you are, I’ll leave you cookies and carrots for the reindeer. I want a Robin gift set. When do you start making presents because there’s a lot?

P.S. — If you have time, get me a Raphael space battler.

Sincerely, Aaron

Dear Santa:

My birthday is Dec. 25. I get extra presents. I want an Elf on the Shelf and new diapers for my fake baby.

Sincerely, Paulina

Dear Santa:

I’ve always wondered if the elves are your cousins or something. I’ve also wondered how reindeer fly. I want to know how you travel all around the world in one night. Isn’t that impossible? I guess everything is possible.

Sincerely, Lindie

Dear Santa:

I want a Franco action figure, and I will put out cookies and milk for you. I believe in you so can I be on the nice list?

P.S. — Don’t knock over the glass stocking holders.

Sincerely, Nikolas

Dear Santa:

I hope you go to houses safely because I want you to bring me a couple of things.

First, I really want a chocolate pen. Second, a sewing machine. Three, I want an iPod.

Fourth, you are the best Santa.

Sincerely, Aliyah

Dear Santa:

I hope you are almost ready because I know you go to everyone’s house. Santa, please get me Legos, art, a skateboard, camera, and I can’t think of anything else.

I wish a Merry Christmas to you and your elves.

Sincerely, Ella

Dear Santa:

It is so good to talk to you. It has been a long time since I have seen you.

I want a squirt water bottle and I also want an electric scooter. Well, it was great talking to you and I hope I see you again.

Sincerely, Rhylie

Dear Santa:

All I want is for everybody to be together. If I want a toy, I would like a chocolate pen.

How old are you? Can you erase a name on the naughty list? Why do we get presents?

Why was Jesus born in a manger? Why do some people call you old, jolly fat man?

Sincerely, Cedar

Dear Santa:

Hey, do you like cookies? Do the elves make toys for kids? If they do, I want Shopkins playsets, math books and a science book. Santa, I hope you can bring me these things.

Love, Molly

Point Elementary School students in the Mehlville School District tell Santa Claus what they want for Christmas.

Dear Santa:

I was thinking if you could please make me an Easy Bake oven? I was also thinking if I could have your elves make me an art stand. I love art. Can I please have a hula hoop and also a diamond-made tiara. This is the last thing — a robot kitty.

Your friend, Rose

Dear Santa:

I’m having a good year. Can I have a Pokemon tournament game for Christmas?

And a new coffee cup because my dad needs a new one.

From Ben

Dear Santa:

I have been good and bad this year. Can I please have a 3DS and Planet Robot? Can my mom have a vacuum that can clean up by itself?

Your friend, Jack

Dear Santa,

I have been good this year. Could I please have a popcorn maker and an elf? Please?

Can I also have a phone and Pokemon cards? And can I have a necklace for my mom?

Your friend, Carson

Dear Santa:

I have been good this year. Could I please have Cozmo? And can I please have a dinosaur robot and “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” books and a Pokemon belt? Do you and Mrs. Claus have celebrations?

Your friend, Endi

Dear Santa:

I wish for a hoverboard and an electric RipStik. Can I see your elves in real life?

Please Santa, I love you. I hope you have a great Christmas.

Love, Paolo

Dear Santa:

Sorry that my dog ate Fred’s bat. I want rollerblades, a skateboard, iPhone 7, two Xbox 360 controllers and two Xbox One controllers. Merry Christmas.

Love, Chase

Dear Santa:

This year I want an American Girl, and can you get some American Girl clothes and American Girl movies? And can you please get my brother Thomas the Train and my big brother Vito some games?

And can you get me a TV please? You are the best!

Love, Ellie

Dear Santa:

I’ve been a good boy this year. I treat all of my friends fairly. For Christmas may I please have some arts and crafts? Harold, Honey, Happy, Holly, Hank and Jingles said I’ve been very good. I also want a remote-control car. I want an Acura one.

My sister wants an American Girl doll, and may I also have a cookbook for kids with recipes? Thank you so much, Santa.

Merry Christmas, Dillon