Football season ends for local teams

Oakville, Mehlville, Lindbergh rack up seven total wins

By Robert Chalupny

The hopes of high school varsity football fans in the Call’s circulation area were dashed Friday night as Oakville, Lind-bergh and Mehlville were eliminated in week 10, the official first round of the postseason.

While the results were disappointing, they were not unexpected considering the struggles that each team had this year.

Those struggles were compounded with the low seeding they earned and having to face top opponents in their first-round matchup.

Over the course of the season, the three teams combined for a total of seven wins out of 30 contests.

Lindbergh had three wins this year with victories over rivals, Oakville and Mehlville. The Flyers also snagged one from Parkway South.

The Flyers, however, got blown out 49-0 by a very dominant Eureka team Friday night.

Going 3-7 this season obviously was not the desired nor anticipated outcome from the beginning of the season.

But it was a bit of a transitional year for the Flyers, as they are adjusting to a new system and new head coach Nathan Nor-man. Norman is the Flyers’ first new coach in 21 years after taking the reins from Tom Beauchamp.

Mehlville, which had just two wins this season over Seckman and Northwest, fell 42-21 in a valiant effort against the Lafay-ette Lancers Friday night.

The Panthers had a very tough schedule this season and look to capitalize next season on the valuable experience they gained this year.

Oakville had wins over Seckman and Mehlville this season. With those victories coming in the last two games of the regular season, the Tigers had a little momentum heading into the postseason.

That may have been a factor as they came the closest to prevailing Friday night, but fell 19-10 to Summit.