Dressel Elementary second-graders tell Santa what they want this year


Dressel Elementary School second-grade students tell Santa Claus what they want for Christmas this year.
Dear Santa:
I have been good this season. My wish
list is can I have a bigger iPad and a remote
control airplane and a remote control robot
that can talk? Can I have some spyglasses?
Sincerely, Finn
Dear Santa:
I cannot wait till Christmas. Christmas is
my favorite time of the year. It is so fun. It
has a lot of joy.
What I really want for Christmas is roller
skates, and I want them blue. And I want
Littlest Pet Shops, and I want American
Girl dolls and American Girl doll accessories.
That’s all I want. You are the best.
All I want for Christmas is YOU!
Sincerely, Bella
Dear Santa:
All I want for Christmas is my family
because they keep me safe and love me,
and I love them back. I want an iPad and
a Nerf gun.
Sincerely, Tyler
Dear Santa:
I can’t wait for the break! I will see you
at Breakfast With Santa.
This year I have been good. I hope I do
not get coal. Bye, Santa.
Sincerely, Mason
Dear Santa:
My wish list for this year is some kind of
device. That is because I will take care of
it. Next, a toy because if you didn’t get a
toy, it wouldn’t be Christmas!
Third thing on the list is Wonderworld
Trix Track because I have been wanting
Wonderworld Trix Track since I saw the
Not trying to be spoiled or anything like
that, but I got great presents last year!
Sincerely, Grayson
Dear Santa:
Merry Christmas. I have already made
my Christmas list. So I just wanted to
know if you are doing fi ne.
I can’t wait till Christmas! I love Christmas
so much. Do you? I hope you can go
to every house. Have a fun day.
Love, Lilly
Dear Santa:
Do you celebrate Christmas? I want some
Nerf guns. I do not have any barricades.
Sincerely, Matthew
Dear Santa:
Thank you for being nice and giving all
the good boys and girls gifts. Please tell
one of your reindeer that I have a surprise
for them. I might leave out some carrots
for your reindeer. Thank you.
Sincerely, Rachel
Dear Santa:
Do you celebrate Christmas? Well, I love
Christmas. It’s my favorite holiday.
Can you please give me a phone? Thank
you for making Christmas.
Sincerely, Brijesh
Dear Santa:
Do you really love cookies? Anyway, I
want Christmas sweaters. I hope I’m on
the nice list.
Hope you have a fun day up in the North
Sincerely, Kamryn
Dear Santa:
I really want a big blue little car. How
are you and the elves doing? I bet your
workshop’s busy, busy.
I hope you and the elves have a jolly
Christmas. Have a good, good day. Bye,
Love, Nevaeh
Dear Santa:
I have a few questions for you. Do you
visit 34,000,000,000 people all in one
night? And is Rudolph really real? And do
you know me and my family?
Now you already have my Christmas list.
P.S. Please write back.
From, Eli
Dear Santa:
How are you doing? Well, I am doing
great! I want LEGO sets for Christmas.
And thank you for what you gave me last
year. Merry Christmas!
From, Julien
Dear Santa:
Are you busy? What I want for Christmas
is a gymnastics bar and beam. Also some
Squishies, a hoverboard and a white board.
My elf is doing good. Have a good
Your friend, Gianna
Dear Santa:
How are you doing? I know you’re busy.
My elf is really crazy.
I hope you bring me an iPhone 7. I am
excited to see what you get me.
Your friend, Tessa
Dear Santa:
How are you? How’s Mrs. Claus? How
are your elves doing?
Christmas is my favorite holiday. I think
I know what you got me last year. I think
it was a bow and arrow. I liked last year’s
present. This Christmas I want a hoverboard.
Merry Christmas!
Sincerely, Eldin
Dear Santa:
You might be busy, but I need to tell you
that I don’t want much for Christmas. So
can you please give me some more gifts
than what I want? Don’t get me the Magic
8 Ball. I can’t wait to see you.
Merry Christmas, Bryce
Dear Santa:
How are you? If you are good, then that
is very good. How are your reindeer? If
they are good, that is good, too.
Why did you choose reindeer to pull your
sleigh? Why not anything else like a horse,
a cow or an elephant? I know it’s weird,
but still why?
Sincerely, Dash
Dear Santa:
This year I want a Poppy Trolls doll. I am
excited to see my grandma and grandpa.
We will give presents and have fun. We
decorated my grandma and grandpa’s tree.
I hope you have a good Christmas.
P.S. I hope I get an Elf on the Shelf.
Sincerely, Nora
Dear Santa:
Have you had a good day? Can I have a
good note from you, Santa?
Can I have a scooter for Christmas?
Please, Santa?
Your friend, Addie
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