Crestwood reader objects to Call column about Oakville dress codes


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

This is a response to the Sept. 13 column “Common sense no longer welcome at Oakville High” by Bill Milligan about the Oakville High dress code.

This editorial makes me long for the days of former Editor Mike Anthony. He would write about challenging topics such as transparency in government; Robert’s Rules of Order; what to do with Crestwood Plaza; and who to vote for in upcoming elections. I may not have agreed with everything he wrote. But his articles were always informative.

This brings me to Bill Milligan’s editorial. It is all about his opinions on boobs — that high-school girls should not show too much to boys because it distracts them; that anyone who disagrees with his views is unemployed; and everyone should respect his view because variety is the spice of life.

This editorial just made me sad that the Call would publish something like this. It made me feel especially sad for the girls who have done nothing wrong and are being made to feel ashamed of their bodies. It made me feel sad that the author is so callous about the unemployed. It made me feel sad that the Call would not write about something that would challenge us intellectually.

If I want to know more about what Milligan wrote about, I could grab a Playboy or go on the internet.

I hope the Call puts some more thought into their next editorial.

Michael Nolan