Boil order issued for part of South County after failed water test

Boil order issued for part of South County after failed water test

Missouri American Water is issuing a precautionary boil advisory for part of South St. Louis County.

The affected area includes Crestwood, Affton, Green Park and parts of Sunset Hills and Concord, as seen in the pictured map. It runs roughly from Glendale, Shrewsbury and Webster Groves south to the intersection of Interstate 270 and Interstate 55, east to the St. Louis city border, west to I-270 in Sunset Hills.

A failed water quality test in the Webster Groves area is responsible for the boil advisory.

The advisory affects approximately 59,000 customers, a mix of residential and commercial, as well as multiple schools.

A reverse 911 call is going out to customers in the affected area for whom the water company has contact information. Information is also being shared on our website and social media.

Water for these customers will need to be brought to a boil for three minutes prior to consumption, until further notice. Tap water works for washing, bathing and other non-consumable uses during this period.

Boil advisories typically last 48-72 hours, though the utility cannot guarantee that timing.

Follow-up water quality tests are being run.

On the conclusion of the boil advisory, customers should flush the internal plumbing in their homes by turning on a few faucets and letting the water run for a few minutes.

Customers will be notified by reverse 911 when the boil advisory is lifted. Notice will also be posted to social media and the state’s website.