A look back: Lindbergh Foundation funds teachers’ original inventive ideas


The Lindbergh Schools Foundation surprised (L-R) Shelli Manley, Julie Roy and Kristen Macke of Sperreng Middle School on Friday, Jan. 4 with a 2018 Spirit of Lindbergh teacher grant.

Editor’s note: The Lindbergh Foundation has been awarding grants to innovative teachers all year, but here’s a look back to the ones awarded in 2019. 

The Lindbergh Schools Foundation continued its annual support of original, inventive teaching ideas Jan. 4, awarding several Lindbergh educators with 2018 Spirit of Lindbergh teacher grants. The foundation funded 32 grant applications this year.

The Spirit of Lindbergh Fund was created to support grants for Lindbergh Schools teachers who propose innovative and engaging classroom projects to elevate instruction and learning to the next level. Since 2008, the foundation has awarded 203 grants to Lindbergh teachers totaling more than $84,000.

The grants are funded by the iDrive program, Thank-a-Teacher program, online mini-auctions and direct donations from supporters. Teachers who win grants are surprised in their classrooms with a visit from the foundation’s very own prize parade.

Every dollar donated to the Spirit of Lindbergh Fund is invested in safe, high-yield accounts, and only the interest earned on these accounts is used to fund the teacher grants. For more information, visit www.lindberghfoundationstl.com.

2018 Spirit of Lindbergh Teacher Grant recipients:

Lindbergh High School

Allison Tripolitis and Danielle DuHadway – Decolonization Book Study

Shawna Ward and Anna Whitehead – The World in 360

Maggie Zehner – White Boards for the Four C’s

Sperreng Middle School

Katlyn Heuvelman – Ozobot Coordinate Plane Challenge

Stephanie McKinney – Learning at an Angle

Patricia Miller – Welcome to the Sperreng Flyers’ Book Nook Cafe

Ashley Osborne – Game On! Teaching Cells with Cytosis: A Cell Biology Board Game

Jessica Parker – Infant CPR/First Aid for Teens

Eric Robb – Para-Cord-Pets

Julie Roy, Shelli Manley, Kristen Macke – Design Thinking Process Prototype Kits

Truman Middle School

Jessica Austermann – Breakout Boxes

Kristi Ponder – Communi-tree

Allycia Uhrhan – Sustainability in Action: Decreasing School Waste with Worm Bed Composting

Concord Elementary School

Anne Gastreich – Revolutionizing our Learning

Jean Madrid – Leaping Towards a Love of Learning

Mindy Siefert – Fly Into the Future Like Marty McFly!

MariKate Schrick – Micro:Bit, Major Impact

Crestwood Elementary School

Michael Guehring – Racking up Number Sense

Patti Haberberger – Decodable Books for Struggling Readers

Cindy Kapodistrias – Just Picture It – Authors in the Spotlight!

Danielle Klos – Calming Corner

Meredith Labadie – Engaging Families and Building Community through Multicultural Book Bags

Danielle Thrall, Ann Kleitsch, Joy Long – Serenity in the Sensory Room

Dressel Elementary School

Katie Cunniff and Laura Howard – Teaching the Hardest-To-Reach Readers

Samantha Gatzemeyer – Everyone Wins with Stem Bins!

Kennerly Elementary School

Rhonna Allen – Just in Case…

Caroline Howe – Increasing Comprehension and Building Empathy Through Book Clubs

Long Elementary School

Jessica Slade – Transforming Physical Space for 21st Century Learners

Sappington Elementary School

Katrina Castelli and Amy Ahmed – A Fantastic Journey

Meghan Haines and Molly Evans – Reaching all Readers


Nicole Gordon – Catch Me If You Cam – Taking Students from Citizens to Scientists

Michael Kuhn – The Design/Engineering Process – 3D Printing and Iterations

Left to right, Laura Howard and Katie Cunniff of Dressel Elementary School show excitement for their 2018 Spirit of Lindbergh teacher grant from the Lindbergh Schools Foundation on Friday, Jan. 4, 2019.
Long Elementary School teacher Jessica Slade celebrates with her students after receiving a 2018 Spirit of Lindbergh teacher grant from the Lindbergh Schools Foundation on Friday, Jan. 4, 2019.