Wife of former Sunset Hills mayor reflects on April 8 election

Now that the campaign for mayor of Sunset Hills is over, I have had a few minutes to reflect on what it is like to be the spouse, child, mother, father or friend of an elected official.

My husband, John Hunzeker, recently ran for re-election as mayor and was defeated. I am not saddened or upset by the loss, but by the emotional toll the campaign has taken on my family and me. It is very difficult to hear all the negative things that are said when you have seen how hard he worked as mayor of the city of Sunset Hills.

I cringed when I saw that he was called a “bully” and it was printed in various newspapers with no substantiation.

I was angry when I saw the negative letter-writing campaign and even more concerned when I realized that people believed what was written. I was outraged when campaign signs were stolen in broad daylight.

John Hunzeker finished his term as mayor with many positive accomplishments and, for that, the residents of Sunset Hills should be grateful. We now have our husband, father, son and friend back.

For this I am glad.

Mary Ann Hunzeker

Sunset Hills