Why does firefighters’ union disrespect residents?

To the editor:

Why does our firefighters’ union continue to disrespect the people of the Mehlville Fire Protection District by spending tens and tens of thousands of dollars trying to elect totally unqualified candidates for the MFPD Board of Directors?

What more do our firefighters want? Are they dissatisfied with the four new, first-class firehouses provided them? Could it be that the eight new fire trucks they have been given require extra cleaning?

Or maybe the 11 new ambulances put in service are not the models they prefer?

Could it be that they are dissatisfied with the extensive training and skill enhancements being required of them?

Could it be that a vast majority of their workforce make over $100,000 a year in salaries and benefits? Maybe building the new live fire training facility isn’t exactly what they want?

The people of Mehlville have always been most appreciative of and concerned for our first responders. As taxpayers, we have readily borne the cost of the best equipment, facilities, training, salaries and benefits that can be provided.

So what is really behind the efforts to unseat current Board of Directors Chairman Aaron Hilmer?

Could it be to return the MFPD to a union-controlled, union-owned board with a self-serving taxing authority?