When will Crestwood aldermen honor commitment to stormwater projects?

I would like to give you a short history of the park and stormwater fund.

On the evening of March 14, 2000, in city chambers, Alderman Pat Duwe read Bill 9947. I was there. On Tuesday, Aug. 8, 2000, that bill became Proposition C on the ballot. That bill passed, becoming the park and stormwater tax fund.

This fund was designated by the Board of Aldermen to be allocated at least 75 percent for park improvements, operations and retiring the Aquatic Center bonds and no more than 25 percent for stormwater improvements, of which there were 29 projects in the city at that time.

What has happened to the stormwater projects since 2000? There were a few done. I am not aware of which projects were completed. Nothing is in this or last year’s budget for stormwater. Less than 1 percent of the park and stormwater fund was appropriated for the year before, and I doubt if anything was spent on stormwater control.

All the stormwater projects in Crestwood will cost the city several million dollars, and not one cent is being spent on them.

When is the Board of Aldermen going to respect the will of the citizens of Crestwood as they voted on Aug. 8, 2000, and use these monies as we were told in March 2000 and not spend this tax fund on recreation or historic sites?

By the way, why does the park and stormwater tax fund subsidize the historic sites and recreation programs in Crestwood anyway?

Jerome Friedeck