‘What we need is a new school board,’ Mehlville letter writer states

To the editor:

I attended COMPASS II — Charting the Oakville-Mehlville Path to Advance Successful Schools — meetings and I observed a large attendance of Mehlville school employees.

Naturally, they were in favor because there is a large amount of money allocated for salaries. After reading the Sept. 2 Call and seeing the salaries the administrators receive, I think all future raises should go to the teachers only. Their current salaries range from $34,500 to $76,000. These teachers are the ones that teach the children and check homework, et cetera — not the administrators.

We are still paying $193,469 annually until July 2016 for the artificial turf on the football fields that was to be paid from current funds, but we were misled. Now they created a large expensive water problem at Mehlville High’s football field stadium.

At the COMPASS II meeting, I suggested they build just one performing arts building, but I got shot down that it would be too inconvenient.

With the condition of the economy, 88 cents is a huge 25-percent tax-rate increase. Education doesn’t require new bricks and mortar. What we need is a new school board.

Ken Sudholt