Wallaces salute Mehlville school board members

To the editor:

As the proud parents of a Mehlville High graduate and a current Mehlville High sophomore, we would like to publicly thank the Mehlville School District Board of Education in conjunction with Board Appreciation Week that recently was observed in Missouri.

Month in and month out, the seven volunteers that make up the Mehlville Board of Education dedicate their time and talents to ensure a first-class education for all children. In a district like Mehlville, where money is tight and expectations are high, the board has done an outstanding job of keeping kids first.

Thank you Cindy Christopher, Matt Chellis, Marea Kluth-Hoppe, Rita Diekem-per, Mike Heins, Bill Schornheuser and Tom Correnti for giving so much of yourselves so that Mehlville’s children are provided the very best education possible.

We’d also like to thank Karl Frank Jr. and Ken Leach for joining Mrs. Christopher and Mrs. Kluth-Hoppe as candidates for the Board of Education. We wish all of you the best of luck in the upcoming election.

Anita and Patrick Wallace


Editor’s note: Mr. Wallace serves as director of school/community relations for the Mehlville School District.