‘Vote for Ed,’ says resident pleased with the current MFPD services


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

Our community is used to a highly efficient, well run fire district.

Year after year I take it for granted that we will receive superior emergency services from the Mehlville Fire Protection District.

This new fire board candidate Fred Baumgarth seems confused.

How does he plan to pay for the 12 new employees and new ambulance from the usual tight budget without a big tax hike?

A. First of all, I don’t take Fred Baumgarth as a serious candidate. I am told he has never attended a board meeting to discuss his ideas and/or get real facts. He has never attended a single board meeting.

B. He seems unaware that every fire truck has a paramedic on board. That is 21 additional paramedics that are now on staff — seven fire trucks times three shifts equals 21.

C. There are six ambulances in service at the present time.

D. His plan for two more ambulances will require 12 more paramedics and one new ambulance. The added cost is around an 8-percent tax hike that he will need taxpayers to approve. I did not find this large tax hike information in his comments to the Call.

I will vote for continued superior services.

Re-elect Ed Ryan. I plan to vote for Ed. He has done a fantastic job. I encourage everyone to vote on April 2.

Arthur Kuhn