Vincent shouldn’t be made scapegoat

To the editor:

After the Sept. 11 attack on Gary Vincent I was tempted to write a letter.

I put it off and today received a copy of last week’s Call and see a few letters and I just feel I have to respond.

I am a former member of Crestwood Swim Club, having served on the swim team board and my husband, Steve served on the Board of Directors of the pool. I am disclosing that so you won’t put it at the end of my letter as if you were “exposing” me as you did Ms. Milford and Ms. Pickel.

Perhaps in your “investigating” you might have “exposed” Ms. Lovera as a disgruntled former member of the pool.

Whether membership was made up of Crestwood citizens or not is not a valid point. The pool is a private pool. Are you going to say that the gym across the street has no rights because its membership is 75 percent non-Crestwood citizens? Of course not.

I do wish that the pool had not needed to be moved. All this brouhaha could have been avoided. The pool did not want to move as Ms. Lovera implied in her letter.

The pool needed repairs, but I can assure you the board would have avoided all this mess if it could have.

The city and Kohl’s wanted the pool to move. If people are upset, then blame their city and, yes, if need be, their aldermen.

Please don’t blame Gary Vincent  of being underhanded, though. He let it be known how he felt from the beginning and also spoke to many people in his ward that agreed with him.

Please let me say that I would not want the pool in my back yard, I understand completely why these people feel the way they do. But let me say, do not make Gary Vincent your scapegoat. The city of Crest-wood, the former mayor and its Board of Alderman made this decision together.

Hopefully, by next year all the “bugs” can be worked out and the pool and its neighbors can come to some kind of an agreement.

I wish all the parties involved the best of luck.

Colette Harms