Vacation contest article about Meyer nothing more than ‘wasted space’

Concerning your article in the Sept. 25 edition about Harvey Meyer, he needs to get a life.

It was wasted space and he must be related to the editor. Who cares if he is color blind, which got him an ocean cruise and a vacation in Japan where it was “gravy.”

My dad also got an ocean cruise to Japan during World War II from Guam, where he was captured by the Japanese.

He and the other prisoners of war were crammed into the hold of a cargo ship with very little food and water and the fear of being sunk by allied ships.

Once they got to Japan, there was no “R&R” and they didn’t have a band. This lasted for 44 months. During that time, the POWs wished they had some “gravy.”

Mike Schubert


Editor’s note: Mr. Meyer is not related to the editor nor anyone else at the Call.