Urges letter writer to try to find information not sent to her in an email

To the editor:

In response to the recent letter by Sue Jernigan, please try to find information that is not sent to you in an email.

I would go into more detail, but I don’t want to “liberally” use words as you did. The Call has a 200-word guideline.

• President Barack Obama and birth certificate —

• Twenty-six out of 44 U.S. presidents have been lawyers —

• What is a liberal educational institution? If you are talking about prestigious universities like Columbia University, which was started in 1754, or Harvard, started in 1636, then please enlighten us to the kind of educational institution that meets your approval.

• Obama and debt —

. If you don’t believe this information, then please show us where we can find this report from the Congressional Budget Office. You won’t find it because that statement does not exist in their reports.

• Obama and green companies —


• Obama and free cell phones —


Lastly, who do you refer to as the base that Obama is trying to secure? I like your slyness about not mentioning who you are talking about. We all know who you are talking about, of course, and that is the largest numerical group that claims public assistance — poor whites —