Trustees should open a dialogue with taxpayers on new library site

To the editor:

What makes the new site of the Tesson Ferry Branch County Library — this small 4.2 acres of land — so valuable that we, the taxpayers/citizens, would pay $2.9 million for it, or $690,000 per acre?

The builder, McBride Berra, paid $6.25 million for 67 acres, or $93,284 per acre.

You would think the builder would at least offer the land at fair market price to the county. Who did the St. Louis County Library Board of Trustees enlist to appraise the land??

Why/how could the library board allow this to happen? Board members are supposed to keep the taxpayers’ best interests in mind when making these kinds of decisions.

Who is going to pay for all the road improvements needed to move patrons in and out of the new library? What about all the additional traffic moving up and down Musick and Gravois, can the area handle it?

What is wrong with tearing down the current library and building a new state-of-the-art library in the same location?

I would hope the teardown would surely cost less than the $2.9 million to purchase a new plot of land. This would allow all the library’s current patrons to enjoy the new library in the same comfortable and familiar location.

Is this new location really more convenient to Lindbergh High School than the current location?

I am not sure the library board has our — taxpayers/citizens — best interests in mind, based on what I have been able to gather and learn from all the articles concerning this issue. We should have at the least given all the voters the opportunity to vote on a location from a couple of choices.

It is our hard-earned tax dollars being used to fund this new library. Why don’t we have a voice?

In the best interest of saving face, the Library Board of Trustees should open up a dialogue to find out what the taxpayer would prefer.

Please quit wasting our money.