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Trump demonization of media reminds Broughton of Hitler’s regime


To the editor:

President Donald Trump recently declared to a rally audience that he alone speaks the truth and is the only source his followers should rely on for factual information.  Everything else, he forcefully proclaimed, is fake news.

And he added that America’s news organizations are “enemies of the American people,” not protectors of democracy.

Joseph Goebbels, Adolph Hitler’s minister of propaganda, also demonized the press via the Nazis’ fascist message, which was spread via radio and print.

True Nazis consumed only the Nazis’ fascist messaging. Doing otherwise was a crime.

In spite of exposed wrongdoing and criminal indictments of many of those in his presidential realm, Trump continues to laud the inaccuracies broadcast on Fox News outlets as gospel truth, while declaring America’s plethora of independent newspapers, television and radio stations as purveyors of “fake news.”

The Trump faithful get a daily dose of Trump’s news bashing via his daily tweets and his over-the-shoulder verbal rantings as he scurries to board Marine One for another golfing weekend.

It’s obvious by Trump’s behavior that he has embraced fascism as his political philosophy.

He exalts nationalism, a centralized autocratic government, economic and social regimentation and forcible suppression of opposition.

Trumpism is fascism, American-style.

Let us not forget that Adolph Hitler was elected chancellor of Germany in 1933.

When President Paul Von Hindenburg died in 1934, Hitler seized the presidency and did so virtually unopposed.  He was then chancellor and president, thus Fuhrer.

Will Donald Trump be America’s Fuhrer?

Michael K. Broughton

Green Park

Editor’s note: Michael K. Broughton serves as a Green Park Ward 1 alderman.

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