Trakas clear choice for 6th District council seat in Nov. 8 election

To the editor:

As a 26-year resident of south county, I feel I must make an appeal to my fellow citizens.

For the sake of transparency, I must admit that I know 6th District County Councilman Kevin O’Leary, D-Oakville — we went to the same high school — frequented his former establishment and supported his bid for the County Council. But I consider myself lied to and betrayed by his action or inaction on the JHB Properties’ apartment complex project before the council.

This may be a moot point in that Mr. O’Leary is not seeking re-election to the 6th District seat.

Voters will have a clear choice in November to elect a new council member who will represent 6th District citizens. Republican Ernie Trakas has already stated publicly that he opposes the aforementioned project. His opponent has said she didn’t want to “come jumping in with my Monday morning quarterback position.”

The choice is clear. Vote for Mr. Trakas, or his opponent and continue to get special-interest government for another four years. The battle over the JHB project is still to be determined, but we must not allow a situation like this to occur again by having a nonresponsive council member in the future.

Please vote and ask your friends to vote for Mr. Trakas on Nov. 8.