Time to give credit where it is due, former Mehlville candidate says

I wanted to take the opportunity to let the citizens of the Mehlville School District know of what appears to be a very well-kept secret — the current school board really does care about you and the children that attend our schools.

Although it is fashionable to criticize this board, it’s time someone gave credit where it is due. As a former candidate for the board, I have had several opportunities to interact with this group and they have always been responsive, pleasant, and, most important, accessible.

To watch them work so well with our new superintendent, Terry Noble, is a welcome change from past administrations.

The time has come to judge this board on its accomplishments, not the sins of past ones. We should seize the opportunity to come together as a community and create great things for our schools and our children.

Mr. Noble is clearly the right person to lead the district and the board that hired him deserves credit. I have no idea which members of this board will decide to run for re-election next April, but rest assured they will have my vote.

Randy Lowry