ThriVe St. Louis’ Best Choice ‘a great deal’ for Lindbergh Schools


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:
Lindbergh Schools officials failed to know of two parent emails sent in 2011 and 2012.
Is this newsworthy? Really? I’m wondering where the Rev. Dan Anderson-Little gets his health care.
Surely not the explicitly religiously affiliated St. Anthony’s Medical Center, or Mercy Hospital St. Louis, formerly St. John’s Mercy Medical Center, or Missouri Baptist?
When does religious affiliation become a cause for concern? Many of our most prestigious St. Louis institutions such as St. Louis University have an explicit religious affiliation. Does that make their competence and credibility suspect? Not one bit.
ThriVe St. Louis’ Best Choice Sexual Risk Avoidance classes provide students with the knowledge and skill to make healthy choices regarding sex with medically accurate information in a positive and interesting format that meets all the state requirements for sexual abstinence education, while minimizing the cost to the school district.
What a great deal.
Virginia Ashpole