This 94th District resident doesn’t want Murphy to apologize for win


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

We should not be shocked that Jean Pretto didn’t take her loss to Jim Murphy for the 94th House District with dignity. She was frustrated, disappointed, surprised and lamented over her loss.

To lament over something is to grieve and mourn. You’ve got to be kidding us. Instead of listing reasons for your loss, you should accept defeat and congratulate Jim Murphy on his hard fought victory. Unfortunately Jean, like most Democrats, you blamed the voters for your loss. Shameful.

Jim, it’s your fault for Jean Pretto’s loss. Accept and be proud of your victory.

On the other hand, I’m upset that Jim Murphy is frustrated that Jean Pretto “worked so hard, and it’s disappointing that she didn’t win.” Just accept your victory without being apologetic.

Admit you worked harder, ran a brilliant campaign and be proud of your success.

We can’t stand it when conservative, pro-life, smaller government and low-tax Republicans are ashamed of their principled values.

If you’re unsure of your win and you’re going to be a weak leader, then resign. If you embrace your win — remember Missouri is red and Trump won by 20 points — we expect a strong, bold conservative agenda moving forward.

Anything less is unacceptable.

Joseph Spezia Sr.