The Call makes endorsements for Crestwood, Sunset Hills elections

Mike Anthony

Mike Anthony


Voters in Crestwood and Sunset Hills will make some important choices for the future of their cities when they go to the polls this Tuesday.

In Crestwood, voters will select four new members of the Board of Aldermen — one in each ward — as two veteran aldermen are ineligible to run because of term limits and two others did not file for re-election.

In Ward 1, Richard Bland and Darryl Wallace are vying for the seat held by longtime Alderman Richard LaBore, who cannot seek re-election because of term limits. While both candidates appear to be well-qualified to serve, the Call endorses Mr. Bland.

During his service on the city’s Charter Commission, Mr. Bland demonstrated the statesman-like qualities needed in an alderman and we believe he would serve citizens well.

In Ward 2, Tom Ford and Chris Pickel are seeking the seat held by veteran Alderman Tim Trueblood, who also is ineligible to run because of term limits. Once again, voters will have a choice between two candidates who both appear to be well-qualified to serve. While we have not always agreed with Mr. Pickel on every issue, the Call nonetheless believes he is the best choice to serve on the Board of Aldermen. We believe his vision for the city’s future is what Crestwood needs right now.

In Ward 3, Gregg Roby is unopposed for the seat currently held by Don Maddox, who did not file for re-election. Mr. Roby did not respond to a Call questionnaire, so we have no idea where he stands on the issues.

In Ward 4, voters also have a choice between two candidates who both appear well-qualified to serve — Charles Berry and Steve Nieder — to fill the seat held by Joe O’Keefe, who did not file for re-election. The Call endorses Mr. Berry, who seems to have a much broader view about the needs of the city and its residents than Mr. Nieder.

In Sunset Hills, every candidate with the exception of City Collector Thomas Fleer is opposed.

And no wonder. Seldom have we seen a bigger fiasco than the aborted MainStreet at Sunset shopping center proposed by the Novus Development Co.

And while all involved may have had the best of intentions in proceeding with the project, the subsequent finger-pointing and arrogance demonstrated by many of the incumbents warrant their removal by voters.

Incumbent Jim Hobbs and John Hunzeker are vying for the mayoral post. While Mr. Hobbs has been elected mayor three times, he never has faced an election opponent until now. We believe it’s time for a change in Sunset Hills and therefore endorse Mr. Hunzeker.

In Ward 1, Franklin Hardy Jr. is attempting to unseat Alderman John Tipton. The Call endorses Mr. Hardy, who we believe is more in tune with the needs of Sunset Hills residents.

In Ward 2, Thomas Hrastich is challenging longtime Alderman John Smith. The Call endorses Mr. Hrastich, who is by far the better candidate to serve the citizens of Sunset Hills. We hope that at some point, Mr. Smith will stop blaming others for the Sunset Manor debacle and take the time to look into a mirror.

In Ward 3, Lynn David Flowers is opposing Alderman Robert Brockhaus. Of all the current city officials, only Mr. Brockhaus seems genuinely sorry about the Sunset Manor situation. However, the Call endorses Mr. Flowers in this race because we believe a fresh perspective is needed for Sunset Hills and its residents.

In Ward 4, Frank Gregory is opposing longtime Alderman A. Ron Kaemmerer. The Call endorses Mr. Gregory, whose three terms on the Lindbergh Board of Education and his fresh approach to Sunset Hills government make him the best person for the job.