Sunset Hills resident supports Gregory for re-election in 96th District


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

As a very active and involved parent in Rep. David Gregory’s district, I have been thrilled with his leadership and humility.

For example, Rep. Gregory was the one who got the ball rolling toward a safer school environment for our children.

In his effective meeting with the superintendents, the school principals, the fire department, several police branches and parent leaders, Rep. Gregory stated his concerns and then listened to what everyone in the room had to say.

Some ideas were put on the back burner because greater planning was needed, but many were put into action immediately to increase safety procedures and protocol. Now, just under a year later, plans for a new and improved high school are well underway, the school district has an active school safety committee, and there is a greater police presence where and when we need it most.

Rep. Gregory has managed to make many changes in our community without touting his own successes. In a time where political leaders are screaming from the rooftop with the proverbial “look at me, look at me,” Rep. Gregory prefers to spend his time actually getting things done. We are lucky to have him in our corner.

Stacey Pratt
Sunset Hills