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Sunset Hills letter writer questions: Why is everyone apologizing?


To the editor:

Why are we always apologizing? The Call does not need to apologize for printing letters that side one way or another.

In Ms. Sue Jernigan’s Aug. 30 letter, she is defending our president, which is great, but we cannot have the local paper censor anyone’s opinions. For every letter saying “Trump is a dictator,” there was another saying “Obama is a communist.”

As much as I get aggravated reading people’s thoughts that Trump is a Nazi or guns cause more harm than good, I will respect those thoughts, as I hope other readers do mine.

Oakville High School Principal Jan Kellerman should not have to say sorry because some freshmen/fresh-women got upset about her comments about the school’s dress code.

She may feel bad, but if she truly meant what she said, does “Sorry” really fix the upset kid’s problems?

We live in a generation completely backwards from what it was in “The Greatest Generation.” Why are we yelling at the teachers and school workers instead of addressing the child? The debate of high-school girls and boys could go on forever.

Yes, the boys shouldn’t be distracted (they should have self-control) and girls shouldn’t hear, “If you dress that way…”

But let’s stop pointing fingers and saying it is not me/my kid.

The only way to solve the problem would be to have boys-only and girls-only schools. I don’t think that is a real solution.

The article didn’t seem to single any boy or girl out, so it would appear as though a few have a guilty conscience from breaking the rules. “Mom” simple stated the rules to “Our House.” If I didn’t like my mom’s rules, I knew the way to the door…

I am only speaking from my opinion and do not reflect the opinion of my mom or “Mom.”

Shawn Finney
Sunset Hills

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