Stenger, Dooley both fail citizens with Tesson Ferry Library move

To the editor:

County Councilman Steve Stenger’s comments reported in the April 24 Call concerning moving the Tesson Ferry Library’s location to Musick and Gravois were nothing more than political doublespeak.

His contention that he has “no position” on the library fiasco because he believes his constituents are split down the middle on the issue is ludicrous. His constituents are overwhelmingly in favor of a new library, a library that remains at its present location. And the reasons Stenger should be supporting his “don’t-move-the-library” constituents are many.

Like other feckless politicians these days, Stenger has chosen to kowtow to the local movers-and-shakers; his constituents and other taxpayers be damned. Once the lid was pried from the Library Board of Trustees’ caldron of deceptive information, the stench therefrom was staggering.

Perusing the evidence already brought to light by concerned citizens, one doesn’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to recognize the sweetheart deal bestowed on McBride/Berra by its friends on the library board; appointees of County Executive Charlie Dooley.

Once made public, the board’s slapdash concoction of documentation allegedly supporting its intention to move the library was easily debunked by citizen investigators.

So to date, Charlie Dooley plans to “review” the library matter and Councilman Stenger is doing his best to have “clean hands” in the matter. Dooley’s review of the Tesson Ferry Library farce is certain to last until the November election when — re-elected or not — Dooley will be able to thumb his nose at taxpayers, and Grant’s View will have a multi-million dollar amenity at taxpayer expense.

Stenger, by his errant refusal to represent his constituents, has shown south county voters that he intends to represent the wealthy and well-to-do staffing the library board, not the taxpaying voters who put him in office.

We are in a time of great political turmoil, a time when citizens are in dire need of honest, competent political leadership. But both Stenger and Dooley have failed when tested.

So the burden of saving the Tesson Ferry Library lies with the citizens angered by this travesty.