South county resident favors new location of Tesson Ferry Library

To the editor:

In response to the April 10 letter from the Save Tesson Ferry Library Committee, I do not think that we need to stop the relocation of the Tesson Ferry Library.

As I have read the rhetoric from this committee, it is clear that their main objection is that the new library will no longer be located in Green Park.

I understand that the city of Green Park is very proud and enjoys the convenience of having the library within its boundaries; however, the library serves more than just that limited area in south county.

The residents who live near the new location, such as in Grant-wood Village, Affton, Crestwood and parts of unincorporated south county, will welcome the convenience after all these years.

And, the library will still be within its service area.

Also, South Lindbergh Boulevard and Tesson Ferry Road are high-traffic roads. Since Lin Ferry Drive does not have stoplights, access to and from the existing Tesson Ferry Branch County Library can be difficult.

At least Musick Road has stoplights at Gravois and Tesson Ferry roads. Plus there will be needed improvements at Gravois and Musick.

Our library is a great asset to all of us in south county. I say build it at the new site and they will come.