Sore, angry Proposition R winners out for revenge, letter writer says

To the editor:

Mike Anthony’s

suggesting Republican Mark Haefner, who supported the Mehlville School District’s tax-rate increase, receive the Republican of the Year Award by the Tesson Ferry Republican Club is rich.

Loving on a Republican who agrees with you isn’t so hard to do, is it? But the editorial got its licks in for those who did not support the tax increase.

After a big win — smacking the Republicans around was the icing on the cake for this paper. Can’t imagine what would have been written if the tax increase had failed.

As far as the article

that is amazingly enlightening. One person on the board is known to disagree with the tax increase and it cannot be tolerated for her to remain? Is that logical?

No one can ever be on the board in this district who is not for a tax increase?

Is that how a board is supposed to operate? All have to be in lockstep? Or get out?

No dissension will be tolerated?

Is this the definition of liberalism? No dissent and get rid of any dissenter when it occurs? Screaming like banshees about a dissenter on the board is purely down-and-dirty ugly.

Maybe someone should mention to the winners that they won. I have heard of sore losers. Now we have sore and angry winners out for revenge.

What an ungracious and embarrassing lot of winners we have in this school district.