Shoulder along Telegraph a bicycle path, reader reminds motorists

To the editor:

Now that the highway department has done a splendid job of paving and re-striping several miles of far south Telegraph Road, I’d like to make a simple appeal to my fellow citizens and drivers to please stop using the shoulder as an exit ramp.

The shoulder along Telegraph for most of its distance is clearly marked as bicycle path, and many people at all times of day use it for running and walking.

It is as dangerous as it is inconsiderate for drivers to pull off of the road and drive a block or two on the shoulder to make their turns into subdivisions or businesses.

I have experienced the unwelcome thrill of being nearly taken out by such a driver -— and this during broad daylight, and I have witnessed both runners and bicyclists swerving out of the path of oncoming cars piloted by drivers who do not understand — or do not care — that they are not supposed to be driving there.

With so many people needing to get out and get exercise, as well as such a need for us to save gas wherever possible, it is imperative that we all work together to make cycling, walking and running safe.

Please do your part by not using the highway shoulder as an exit ramp.

Tom Cooper